Anita Thaler

Dr. Anita Thaler has studied psychology (certified as work psychologist), education science, and women’s and gender studies at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz and the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt.

Her professional portfolio comprises:

  1. Research
    Social and education scientific research with focus on queer-feminist and transdisciplinary science and technology studies
  1. Evaluations
    Process and impact evaluation of gender equality and education measures
  1. Adult Education
    Didactical concepts and trainings for vocational / further education as well as university teaching
  1. Digital Media
    Science communication and knowledge sharing via social media („informal e-learning“)
  1. Psychological Consulting
    Psychological evaluations of work related stress factors, leadership and career coaching, gender and social justice in organisations

Anita Thaler operates a consulting company since 2002 and is researcher at IFZ since 2004 where she heads the research area Women* – Technology – Environment and the working group Queer STS. Since 2006 she is also lecturer at the Universities of Graz and Klagenfurt.


Publications (for Queer-STS Publications click here)

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Thaler, Anita (2014). Informelles Lernen in der technologischen Zivilisation. IFZ Electronic Working Papers IFZ-EWP 3-2014. ISSN 2077-3102. Download: [25.11.2015].

Thaler, Anita & Hofstätter, Birgit (2014). Promoting women researchers’ careers. An evaluation of measures in life sciences and ICT. Paper submitted to the 8th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, AUSTRIA, September 3-5, 2014. URL: [11.9.2015]

Thaler, Anita (2010). Career perceptions of women in industrial technology research. In: Anne-Sophie Godfroy-Genin (eds.). Women in Engineering and Technology Research, Proceedings of the PROMETEA international conference, October 26-27 2007. Zürich: Lit Verlag. p. 63-84. [12.11.2015]

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