Call for contributions – Queer STS Forum Issue #6: Queer interventions

In our first issue of the Queer STS Forum we reflected on our queer approach to Science, Technology and Society Studies (STS). We shared how we often find ourselves intervening in meetings, in our social media activities, in our university courses, during conferences, and when we do research. Most of the time, the main topics we deal with do not directly relate to queer studies, but in a wider sense to queer thinking and issues of social justice. Simply by asking ‘queer questions’[1] and thinking in alternatives, we irritate colleagues, we intervene in our classes or during conferences, and we interact with (and thereby learn from) like-minded people.

In the 2021 edition of Queer STS Forum we want to collect experience with queer interventions in education, learning organisations, research projects, teams, etc. – queer in the broadest sense of the term. These interventions can happen in/through teaching, art or research. They may pose the question of how to treat each other, how to become an inclusive and caring community, or how to tackle hegemonic, excluding, power-maintaining practices and structures.

Contributions may be audios, videos, images and texts sharing experience, analysis, and questions. Texts may be at any length (short glimpses or longer papers). Like in the fifth volume of our Queer STS Forum we are putting together a collection of voices from our community. Therefore, we are explicitly interested in diverse contributions, and we invite you to share your personal experience, to situate your contribution in your context of working and living, and to illuminate and share queer-feminist interventions in various contexts. You can consider your text (artwork, video, etc.) to be more like a blog entry or an e-mail to a colleague.

Please send abstracts describing your idea in 1000 to 2500 signs (blanks included) until March 29th to

Time schedule for issue #6 in 2021
Call for contributions: March 2nd
Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 29th
Feedback on your abstracts: April 12th
Submission of first full version of contribution: May 31st
Review feedback: August 31st
Submission final version of contribution: October 1st
Planned date of publication: November 2nd

[1] „In general, by adopting a queer perspective, we have to reflect on the ways we, as researchers, contribute to the reproduction of e.g. gender as a binary and the heterosexual norm. We have to identify hegemonic discourses in our field of research and critically question in which ways they exclude or marginalize perspectives. We have to revise our methodology and the assumptions we base our interpretations of data on. One example for these efforts is that in some cases we shifted our focus from gender as a category of differentiation and tried to find other explanations for the phenomenon at hand. This way we could avoid the reproduction of gender stereotypes and conclusions being drawn on basis of heteronormativity.“ (Hofstätter 2012, p. 4)

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels