Gagafeminist Teaching

Daniela Jauk/DIVANOVA, Solveig (Sol) Haring & Anita Peter Moerth

Gagafeminist teachting didactics

This 11-minute video performance introduces the idea of “gagafeminist teaching didactics” as variation of feminist pedagogy in higher and adult education learning environments. The interdisciplinary scholar-activist team developed it as a cock*ta(i)le-mixing session based on ideas from Jack Halberstam’s (2013) book Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the Edge of Normal. It was released at the first D-A-CH conference of German-speaking gender studies associations in Cologne, Germany, September 2017. transcripts: produced by sol haring film & DIVANOVA/daniela jauk & anita peter mörth co producers: elisabeth barfuss, stefanie egger

Daniela Jauk/DIVANOVA (Ph.D.) is Assistant Professor for Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Akron, Ohio and member of the Queer STS workgroup since 2017. She received a Masters in Sociology from the University of Graz in her home country Austria and completed her Ph.D. in Sociology as a Fulbright student at the University of Akron/OH in 2013. Her areas of research interest and teaching are gender and sexualities, inequality in the criminal justice system, queer-feminist didactics, and qualitative methods. Web:  

Solveig (Sol) Haring, (Mag. Phil., Dr. phil.) Is a scholar, adult educator, musician, and research filmmaker in Austria specializing in gender-specific aspects of age and aging. She lectures at several Austrian and was awarded the State Prize for Adult Education by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and the Arts in 2012. Her synergies between science, music, performance and video flow into the research-led, artistic productions. In the schaumbad graz she uses her studio “Klangraum” for music and her own video productions and with supernachmittag, haring & the trouts and fancy3. Web: 

Anita Peter Moerth (Mag. Phil.) is a scholar, adult educator, musician, and concept artist working and living in Berlin/Germany. Her academic work focuses on gender, equity and diversity in adult education and since April 2016 she is Research Associate at the FernUniversität in Hagen. She has published widely in the context on continuing education and gender-sensitive didactics in higher education. She is part of supernachmittag. Web:  The band project supernachmittag is in existence since 2003 in the duo formation Sol Haring and Anita Peter Mörth. It featured Karo Droschl-Pieringer, Edda Strobl, Clilly Castiglia and others; now also Andreas Wildbein and Hannes Jaeckl. There was and is dance support from the “dancing queers” featuring DIVANOVA , Doris Psenicnik, Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Hildee Pine, Eva Cendon and others.