From your letter I understand that you want me to share some experiences during COVID-19. I’m Guitar from Thailand. The picture that represents myself is in the attached file (I’m cat’slave). I’m member of the LGBTQ community but I would like to identify myself as COVID-19 virus affects me in terms of stress because I live alone in my condo. I cannot go to a massage, dinner with my friend or travel to the beach as usual because the lockdown enforcement by the government. The persons I talk with are people who stay at the same condo, my students I teach or my clients with whom conduct online counseling sessions . I had depressed mood for a few days during the lockdown but am so lucky I feel better right now. I have my cats as friends and I exercise – It helps me to feel better. Normally I’m quite introverted so I’m not used to talk to other people so much but I think friends are important to me. However, the COVID-19 circumstance in Thailand is improved now so I can meet my friends, go to massage and travel in country as usual. I can have more money from counseling sessions; the lockdown is indulgent. I hope my experiences can help you to understand more about people from LGBTQ community. I wish we can work together as research team in LGBTQ psychology topic especially in the Thailand context.

Guitar, age 38, University lecturer and psychologist, Thailand