Call for Contributions: Queer STS Forum #7 Towards “Academic Kindness”

Call for Contributions: Queer STS Forum #7 Towards “Academic Kindness”
Queer-feminist politics of relations and social justice in science and technology

Editors: Daniela Jauk & Anita Thaler

The Fifth “Queer-Feminist Science and Technology Studies Forum”, published in December 2020 was the largest volume with the most contributors so far, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and care crises unfolding on every level. The editorial team of the working group Queer STS recognized that it was their working culture that had helped to receive great resonance. When the collective published their call for contributions for the annual open access journal in June 2020, they emphasized their sensitivity to the multiply stretched live situations of queer-feminist STS researchers/practitioners and offered low threshold and creative opportunities to participate, as well as peer reviews by “critical friends.” The workgroup came to label its work culture as “academic kindness.”

For this Forum #7 we invite contributions that explore forms of “academic kindness” as antidote to academic precarity and competitiveness in a neoliberal context, as queer-feminist intervention in contemporary violent and hierarchical working cultures, as actualization of a feminist ethics of care, as an academic mutual aid strategy, and as interaction and intra-action. We are interested in different levels of application of academic kindness, such as pedagogical settings and classrooms, peer level, as academic leadership strategy and kindness in structures and bureaucracies (a non-exhaustive list). 

Your contributions may go well beyond (or even resist?) “kindness” as strategy and expand into the larger realm of care, care-work, solidarity, and queer-feminist politics of relations and social justice in science and technology more broadly.

Again, we acknowledge a diversity of work and time horizons and we are open for creative contributions in addition to conventional research papers, such as audios, videos, images, texts – to illuminate and share queer-feminist experiences of “academic kindness.” We are explicitly interested in intersectional analyses and experiences from different living contexts and geographical areas and offer a multi-media publication opportunity in our Queer STS Forum #7/2022.

Please send abstracts describing your idea in 1000 to 2500 signs (blanks included) until April 1st to .

Time schedule for issue #7 in 2022
Call for contributions: March 2022
Deadline for submitting abstracts: April 1st
Feedback on your abstracts: April 12th
Submission of first full version of contributions: May 31st Review feedback: August 31st
Submission final version of contribution: October 1st Planned date of publication: November 2022

Photo by Anna Shvets von Pexels